Giving the ‘all clear’ at water plants

Photos by Danielle Peloquin

The inner workings of park purification

Both the Flamingo wastewater treatment plant and the drinking water plant play vital roles in purifying water at Everglades National Park. John Hogan, an Everglades park ranger, troubleshoots problems at both. He aims to make sure wastewater can be released safely back into the Everglades. Nutrients not properly removed from the water can cause algae blooms and promote the growth of invasive species which can overtake native plants.

In one of the photos in this slide show, Hogan shows Manuel Moncholi, a civil engineer for Miami-Dade Water Sewer Department, the inner workings of the wastewater plant control system. Pipes carry wastewater through the treatment plant. During the height of tourism, the plant will treat about 60,000 gallons of water a day.

The drinking water plant at Flamingo pumps brackish water from the ground and purifies it. The drinking water plant at Flamingo provides clean water to the campgrounds, marina and visitor centers in the park.

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