Is there an ‘eco’ here? Is there an ‘eco’ here?

Photos By Matt Root

Unquestionably, it’s not in question in park

The Everglades is home to one of the most unique ecosystems in the world. The community of plants and animals living together, which make up an ecosystem, signals a partnership between Florida’s environment and the millions who live in South Florida. At its core is Everglades National Park. This slide show focuses on aspects of the ecosystem. The park’s Paurotis Pond is dazzling at sunset, and visitors can spot nesting birds there, perhaps including the endangered wood stork. The Noble Hammock Canoe Trail twists tightly through the mangroves. The roots of mangroves stretch skyward trying to capture the sunlight. Trees with hanging moss at Flamingo in the park are reminiscent of the Old South. The great white heron is found across warmer regions.

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