Keeping Everglades park looking shipshape

Photos by Jack Burrus

Staff is as varied as the tourists

Tourists marveling at the magnificence of the Everglades National Park may not realize the hard work and drive of the employees that keep the parks splendor intact. An army of hundreds of volunteers and employees, young and old, works tirelessly to keep the Everglades in prime condition. Similar to the tourists, they come from varied backgrounds and from all over the world. The faces in this slide show: Christi Carmichael, a ranger at the Flamingo visitors center looking at a map that shows tourists where to canoe; Phil Lancey, a 24-year veteran with the Coast Guard; Jaylin Perez, who works at the front desk; Abdullah Admad, ranger at the visitors center; Allan Morrison and Keith Whisenant, deputy superintendents; Kym Sigler, chief of administration; Jim Snyder, dispatch respondent who is part of a 24-hour operation that acts in emergencies; volunteers Miguel and Maria, who work on restoration projects.

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    These are really good! Nicely done.