Students play vital role in SEJ conference

With scores of University of Miami School of Communication students filing stories and taking photos before and during the 21st annual Society of Environmental Journalists conference, new School of Communication Dean Gregory J. Shepherd said he could not be more pleased with the students’ involvement.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity to get real-world journalism experience with experts coming here to Miami,” said Shepherd, who joined the school in July. “Environmental issues are a big concern for this generation. These issues will be here with us forever, so it’s important for us to solve the problem.”

Shepherd, who spent the past decade at Ohio University, also served as an assistant professor at the University of Kansas and the University of Iowa after earning a doctorate in speech communication from the University of Illinois.

The conference, which is covering a number of pressing environmental concerns from endangered species to climate change, has stirred a generally positive reaction from Miami’s local community of journalists as more than 1,000 and professional journalists are expected to attend.

The University of Miami is hosting the five-day conference, which begins Oct.19 and will focus on the importance of communication and becoming more proactive regarding issues such as sustainability, resource conservation and climate change. Hosting this conference is just another example of how the University of Miami is committed to making a positive environmental impact on not just South Florida, but the world, Shepherd said.

In 2005, the University of  Miami  launched its “Green U” campaign, which includes a number of recycling and conservation initiatives aimed at reducing pollution and increasing energy efficiency.

The student body’s contribution cannot be overstated,  Shepherd said.

“The students at most universities are the driving force behind green programs. Quite often, it is the students who drive the faculty and the school to change.” #


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3 responses to “Students play vital role in SEJ conference”

  1. Com Student 116 says:

    As a student, this article is very empowering. I really appreciate how the school of communication provides its students hands-on experience from the very beginning. I definitely think education is a two-way street where faculty and students thrive off each other’s energy and initiative. []_[]

  2. Anonymous says:

    As a freshman journalism student, this conference provided a great opportunity for us to jump right into our field. Less than a month into school, and we were already working on our first article to be published. The fact that it is a conference of nationwide journalism only further enhances the experience and publicity.

  3. Sierra Eboni says:

    Allowing students to get involved by giving them stories to write was a great idea. I was one of those students who had the privilige of writing a story. I really enjoyed the experience.