Wet glimpses of Florida’s wetlands

Trams, airboats transport journalists to ‘River of Grass’

Under heavy rains, 22 journalists from the Forum on Atlantic Media and The Environment toured parts of the Everglades Tuesday and witnessed  a number of the challenges facing the River of Grass, as well as many of its inhabitants, including blue and tri-colored herons, egrets, alligators and crocodiles. Tuesday’s visits to the Everglades in trams and airboats couldn’t have been more different than the forum’s last stop in Tromso, Norway, the “Gateway to the Arctic,” where they studied the pressures on the ice and fisheries of the Bering Sea and the North Pole.  This time, Dr. Stephen E. Davis III, a wetlands ecologist with the non-profit Everglades Foundation, worked with the visiting journalists to help them understand the pressures on the Everglades and Shark Valley. The visiting journalists will continue their education about Florida’s environmental challenges and successes during the Society of Environmental Journalists’ annual conference, which concludes Sunday in Miami.

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