Telling jokes makes waiting more bearable

Romney turned into Political punch line

Standing in a long line on Election Day at Eureka Villas Park in West Kendall, Daniel Heart, 20, went out his way to bring smiles to those around him.  “Romney is the real life Umbridge,” Heart said.

Those standing near him laughed at the comparison of Mitt Romney to the upper-class,  power-crazed character in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books.

“It’s simple, Obama cares for the hundred percent,” Heart said. “In 2008 you could feel the energy everywhere, that Obama really wanted what was best for the country as a whole, and it’s the same now.”

Heart said he had nothing against Romney.  He said he thought both he and President Obama shared beliefs when it came to social issues. Still, he said he felt it was  morally wrong to tell others how to live their lives, even if what they were doing went against his beliefs.

As an Hispanic who has lived all his life in Miami, Heart said he wanted to see Barack Obama take a more active approach on immigration reform. But he said he understood that tension in Congress over immigration made things difficult for the president.

Some voters seemed annoyed about having to wait  more than four hours to vote. One voter said: “If you can bank online and it’s safe, then we should be able to vote online too.”

No matter the wait, Heart said he was determined to vote,  knowing it was his right and obligation  to help decide who would be the next president. Whoever won, Heart said, the road ahead would be challenging.

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