A beacon of hope for the middle class

Obama best choice For the economy

Diane Hidalgo, 53, waited outside the Stanley Axlrod United Teachers of Dade polling stationnear downtown Miami as her partner cast her vote for President Barack Obama.

Hidalgo, a Democrat who also voted for Obama, considered Obama a beacon of hope for middle-class Americans. Although she had recently lost the job she had had for several years, Hildago said Obama could best see the country through its economic uncertainties.

Hidalgo, who had worked for at a corporation involved in recycling  energy-based products, said the environment did not receive much attention throughout the election campaign. She said she would have liked to have heard more from the candidates about renewable energy, global warming and the role of government in preserving the planet.

Although former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney spoke of using natural resources and drilling for oil within the United States, Hidalgo said she wasn’t buying it.  “Governor Romney will say anything to please the masses – anything for a vote,” she said.

Born in Cuba, Hidalgo said her father worked for the U.S. Department of Defense when they lived in Bogota, Colombia, and in Panama. Based on her international exposure, Hidalgo said the United States would benefit from international trade with South America.  “We can do a lot with Central and South America, but Mitt Romney is not the guy for that,” she said. “If we don’t have a good policy with other countries, we can’t get anything done here. Everything is about balance.”



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