A plea for change, jobs and harmony

Brett Hollenbach, center, at the BankUnited Center Skylar Friisch

America needs to be able to bend

Dressed in green surgical scrubs, Dr. Jorge Caridad joined the line that snaked around the BankUnited Center in Coral Gables.  As he made his way to the front of the polling station, Caridad thought about the change he wanted to see in this election – a new president.

Caridad, 58, a general surgeon in Hialeah, said that he was an Independent but that he was voting for former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. Caridad said the country was at a transition point during an important time in American history.

“My number one issue is the power of the federal government and returning America to the original values of the Constitution,” he said.

Meanwhile, scores of students, including Brett Hollenbach, were voting for the first time in a presidential election.

“I have always been politically active, and it feels important since it involves the entire country,” said Hollenbach, a junior majoring in biology at the University of Miami. “Especially because this election is so close, I’ve been paying more attention than usual.”

Hollenbach, 20, is from Gahanna, Ohio, a town of about 33,000 people near the state capital of Columbus.

He said he has been paying close attention jobs issue. “I just want to see jobs go to the people and families who need them because I know there are people that have worked at the same job for decades, and then have had them lost because of the recent downturn,” said Hollenbach. “I’d love to see the jobs go back to those people again.”

Hollenbach paused for a moment and looked down at the American flag printed on his tank top. “Regardless of who wins, I want more continuity and harmony in Washington,” he said. “Everyone sticks to their political party roots and doesn’t bend, and that’s the problem in the first place.”


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