Activist Motivates Voters

William Seward at Plantation Central ParkPhoto by Alysha Khan

Volunteer hands out palm cards to help voters

William Seward absentmindedly scratched his sunburnt chin as he waves a palm card at a woman walking by.

His ears and cheeks are red and peeling. A strip of medical tape keeps his left eye open.

“My burns have burns,” said Seward. “I’ve gone from being milky white to being a Cherokee Indian.”

The woman glared at Seward before marching on to the polling station. With a sigh, the 62-year old Seward sat back down into his fold-up chair and massaged his knees.

This was his first time working for an election campaign.

Seward spent his weekends campaigning for President Barack Obama in a different location of Plantation.  On Election Day, he was at Plantation Central Park, the biggest precinct in South Florida area.

His main job was distributing hand-sized cards to voters listing the names of preferred candidates and which amendments to support on the ballot.

“The Republicans don’t have anything like this,” Seward said with a hint of pride in his voice.

For most of his adult life, Seward said he had voted for third-party candidates.

“I was a dreamer,” he said. “I voted for Ross Perot and Ralph Nader because I liked what they stood for.”

However, Seward said he decided to begin supporting the Democratic Party after witnessing the impact of former President George W. Bush’s policies on Americians.

His policies caused “people to truly suffer,” Seward said. “I call it the Bush Depression.”

So, Seward began volunteering in 2008 for the Obama campaign. He helped develop the palm cards he was handing out.

He took a deep breath and rose from his chair to greet another voter strolling by. His knees quivered as he stood and he reached for a light pole to regain his balance.

It was early in the day and Seward was visibly tired. He was expecting to spend the whole day at the polling station.

“We’re going to be a third-world country if we let the Republicans run things,” he said.

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  1. Bsew64 says:

    You were very a nice lady Alysha Khan one small correction I didn’t make the cards though. I just passed them out! Good luck to you I hope to see you on tv one Day doing the news!!!