Angry and fearful, but taking their best shot

Debating holding course Or making a change

Both were wearing sunglasses.  The sun was high in the Florida sky and it was hot, very few clouds.

Patrick, 32, and Monica, 30, were waiting to vote at Coral Pine Park in Pinecrest.  They talked about President Barack Obama and there was no equivocating.  “We don’t like Obama,” Monica said. They had lost faith in Obama, they said, but they still believed in the political system.  They were voting to replace the president.  “We need to get Obama out now,” Patrick said.  “He promised change, but everyone has just got worse off.”

Cathy, 52, was from another generation. She had a different perspective.  Her main concern was healthcare. ”If Obama loses,” she said, “we can wave goodbye to universal healthcare, me and my husband included.”  Gov. Mitt Romney and his running-mate, Paul Ryan, promised that Americans over the age of 55 wouldn’t be affected by his changes to healthcare.  “But here’s the problem,” Cathy said. “I’m 52, so if they win and change Medicare over the course of the next four years, then I won’t be able to afford to benefit from the system.”

Shawn Davids, 27,  said he waited in the bright sunlight and the heat because there was too much at stake not to. “This time many people are scared of how it will pan out if the Republicans win,” he said.”What will happen to our poor, our veterans and our safety net?”



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