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Sandra Abadia at the Biltmore Hotel Bailey Murray

Economy outweighs women's issues

Sandra Abadia pulls down her sleek shades and adjusts her blouse as she gracefully struts out of the glass double doors. Contrary to many voting sites in the Miami area, the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, Fla., is a pristine image of peace.

Abadia, 56, did not have to wait to vote. However, with its traditional Spanish architecture, tall palms, sparkling fountains, and timeless glamour, who would mind spending a few hours at the Biltmore?

“It’s always a beautiful experience here,” said Abadia. “It only made me feel better about making such an important decision. I’m not happy with our current president or his policies, I’d like to see real change. I think that another four years under Barack Obama would be  disastrous.” 

The few voters milling around look at ease as they take in the extravagant pillars and high ceilings and move past the old-fashioned red rope to submit their votes.

“I came to vote for Romney because he’s a good businessman,” Abadia said. “I think that the nation needs a president like him who can balance the budget. He has already proved he can manage that while he was governor of Massachusetts. Obama has only pushed us further into debt.” 

The voting place entrance at the Biltmore gives the illusion of going back in time.

“In the past, I have voted Democrat,” she said. “During Obama’s presidency, the deficit has grown, the partisanship has worsened. There are more people than ever on food stamps, and his taxes on small businesses only worsen unemployment.”

Hailing from Cali, Colombia, Abadia is no stranger to political turmoil.

“One thing that I’ve loved about the United States is that there is less corruption than those of Latin American countries. But the lies from the Obama campaign make me question the stability of our government. While I think that any woman in any state should be able to get an abortion, I think that the growing issues of our economy are more severe. I hope that Romney can help pull us out of this hole.”

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