Different issues, but backing same man

Two voters: Healthcare and climate change

At the University of Miami’s BankUnited Center, voters in line ranged from a 66-year-old retired American Airlines worker to an 18-year-old college freshman voting for the first time. As a DJ played music near two voting tents, teams of campaigners across the street made one last ditch effort to sway the minds of independent voters.

A couple of voters, both supporting President Barack Obama, were motivated by different issues.

Democrat Sharon Ferenzio, the retired American Airlines worker, is a supporter of Obama. She first voted in 1968 for Hubert Humphrey.  She was l0oking at a sample ballot handed out to her along with an opinion column clipped from “The Miami Herald.” She said healthcare is one of the biggest issues affecting her.

“I once spent three hours in the emergency room for a bruised rib; the hospital bill came to $4,400,” she said.

Ferenzio, who feels the healthcare situation is getting worse, said she knows people who work just to have insurance.

Grant Harris, a 19-year old sophomore majoring in motion pictures, took a different approach to the same candidate.

Climate change became a prominent issue for Harris after his hometown of Ramsey, N.J. survived through Hurricane Sandy. He supports Obama because “four years isn’t enough time to correct eight years of misdeeds.” He believed that if President Obama were re-elected, Obama would be stronger on his own policies, considering the two-term limit on the presidency.

Wearing an Obama T-shirt, 32-year-old Annie Goldman participated in her fourth election voting democratically. As an interior designer, Goldman believes the economy is much stronger now than four years ago. She said she believed that if the president were re-elected, he would “continue programs to grow our economy” and legalize gay marriage.

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