Different priorities: Women’s rights and heatlh coverage vs economic issues

Voters at St. Augustine Church.Photo by Dana Tepper

The waiting line did not seem too long at St. Augustine Church for people to vote; however, Susan Isenberg, a retired pharmaceutical representative, was sitting on a bench next to the line, waiting for her husband to be closer to the entrance so she could join him, while she avoided the possible migraine of standing in the sun.

Isenberg, who has never missed an election, waited for almost four hours before she could vote, yet she was not annoyed or impatient. She said this is one of the most important presidential elections because of the clear choices that each candidate presents as part of their policies.

“We are on the right track with Obama,” she said. “I’m concerned that Romney and his extreme right position might set us back to Bush’s policies.”

She said that other policies that concern her, and are making her vote for Obama this year, are women’s rights and health insurance.

“Look at what women have been able to accomplish so far, and Romney wants to control women’s body,” she said. “Health insurance is also extremely important, and there are people who need it, but they don’t have it.”

Another voter, Cecil Criss, a retired UM Chemistry Professor, had a different perspective about the candidates.

After he voted, Criss, 78, said his main concern about these elections is the economic policy. This is the reason he voted for Romney.

“You don’t generate a strong economy by government spending money,” he said. “Obama doesn’t create any jobs, except in government, and anytime he does, he takes a job away from the private sector.”

Criss, who moved from West Virginia 30 years ago, thinks that Obama doesn’t understand economy, and this affects the private sector.

” Someone has to pay for what he does,” he said.


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One response to “Different priorities: Women’s rights and heatlh coverage vs economic issues”

  1. Linnet Jarrett says:

    Interesting post, I like how you contrasted the opinions to show how the voters in the state of Florida are divided. I like how you described the scene and how you opened with the story of Mrs. Susan Isenberg. Good job!