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Andrea Berdusco at the BankUnited CenterJordan Coyne

Wants Congress to pay attention to young voters

Andrea Berdusco got an early start. She was among the first University of Miami students in line at  the BankUnited Center, the school’s central polling station.

Berdusco, 18, is an international finance major and a native of Pittsburg in western Pennsylvania. She was determined to speak out on this day, she said.

“It’s necessary for us youth to voice our opinions if we want Congress to respect and pay attention to our most pressing issues,”  said Berdusco, who passed the time chatting with friends in line.

Those issues, she said, include the job market for college students, along with the debt many students like herself are saddled with when they graduate.

During the campaign, she listened to both presidential candidates, she said. When it came to education, women’s rights and the environment, she agreed mostly with what she heard from President Barack Obama.

Berdusco praised the Obama administration for its progressive policies over the past four years. She is supportive of Obama’s efforts to hire more math and science teachers,  as well as his environmental initiatives.

“People say Obama has had a bad track record during his term and I’m sick of it,” she said. “You can’t expect one person to do everything.  That’s why we have a system of checks and balances.”

As a citizen of both the United States and Canada, she’s allowed to vote in elections in both countries, she said. Berdusco, who has traveled extensively throughout the world, said she was swayed by the candidates’ ideas regarding foreign policy.

“I believe Obama is better able to represent this nation,” she said. “I think he has more respect globally.”

If  Republican challenger Mitt Romney wins, Berdusco said, she would be willing to give him a chance. She would want to give particular attention to his fiscal policy to see whether it matches his electoral promises.

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