Economy and education come first

Investing in education, jobs protects future

First-time voter Alanna Zunski, 19, came to the University of Miami from Connecticut and promptly registered to vote in Florida. For her, education is the most important issue of this year’s presidential campaign.

“Education for me is an important issue because my grandmother is a teacher and I’m pursuing higher education, but I’m a broke college student like everybody else,” Zunski said.

Zunski said she favors Obama’s views on education. She also said she didn’t want to vote absentee because the process was too complicated.

Zunski, an undergraduate majoring in English and minoring in political science, said with a grin, “I’ve been involved with campaign groups since I was 15, but this is my first time to actually vote.”

Zunski decided to vote early in the morning because she has a full class schedule and juggles a part-time job. She is a supervisor for the Information Technology department at the university. When she graduates, Zunski said she hopes to go to law school and eventually join the Navy.

Forest Jones, who came to Miami from South Carolina 25 years ago, was also in line early at Bank United Center on the Coral Gables campus.  Jones, a retiree with  three sons and two grandchildren,  arrived at 7 a.m., hoping to avoid  long lines, but he still had to wait over two hours to vote.

As a Democrat, he said he was eager to vote for Obama. “It’s my patriotic duty to vote, everyone should vote,” Jones said.

He also expressed his concern about the economy. “I was an Obama supporter in 2008 when the markets froze up and we saw the worst economic crisis,” he said. “But I think Obama handled it well.”

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2 responses to “Economy and education come first”

  1. R Pursell says:

    You had great quotes here, they really allowed you to tell a story without too much narration, good job!

  2. CC says:

    I think Zunki’s sentiments are shared by many. Nice.