Economy is primary concern

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Fiscal policies serve as deciding factors

The BankUnited Center hosted long lines full of first time voters Tuesday.

University of Miami sophomore Priyanka Anandampillai, 19, stood in line listening to her iPod while looking at the sample ballot. She had been waiting in line for more than 20 minutes to vote for her first time.

“I am so excited because this is something I have always wanted to do,” she said.

Anadampillai was excited to vote for President Barack Obama.

“I don’t know much about his policies, but I like the Democratic Party platform ideas,” she said.

Her greatest concern was the environment and marine water pollution, which hasn’t been brought up at all by either candidate. Anandampillai said, “the environment is just as important as the economy or social issues because it is the future of our world.”

She believed her strong environmental beliefs had to do with her upbringing in Huntington Beach, Calif.

Fellow sophomore, Nick Mitris, 19, voted for former Gov. Mitt Romney in Florida instead of his home in Rochester, N.Y.

“I decided to vote here because it is a swing state,” he said. “I figured my vote would count more here.”

For him, the most important issue was the economy. He also liked Romney’s stance on abortion.

Miami Gardens native Alounso Gilzene, 21, said that he was not informed enough to vote two years ago and this is his first time. The most important issues to him are education, health care and the environment. Since he is voting for President Obama, he “would like Obama to reduce domestic drilling and no drilling in natural reserves.”

Freshman David Czajkaski, 19, said the environment should not be a main focus right now.

“I feel obligated to vote for the president for the economy, but not for any other position or question,” he said.

Czajkaski, was a “flip flopper” when it came to making a decision on who to vote for. He said he is in the dead middle, socially liberal and fiscally conservative. He finally decided to vote for Romney.

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One response to “Economy is primary concern”

  1. Galie Darwich1 says:

    Courtney, I enjoyed reading your article. It is interesting to see the opinions of first time voters and how those opinions are divided between the Democratic Party and Republican Party. I want to highlight when Priyanka Anadampillai mentions that the environment issue was not brought up as much in this election. I completely agree with her statement that, “the environment is just as important as the economy or social issues because it is the future of our world.” Young people are the future of this nation. We should start considering the importance of the environment and how can we take care of it, to provide a better environment for future generations.

    Galie Darwich.