First-time voters ‘thrilled’

Older Obama supporter Turning to Romney

Only 10 minutes into what would prove to be a one-hour wait to vote, University of Miami freshman Amadine Pierre, 18, said she was thrilled to share her opinion, especially because it was her first time voting in a presidential election. Born and raised in Miami, Pierre does not fit the stereotype as an affluent South Floridian. She described herself as a “struggling” college student, dependent on state grants and scholarships.

“You might feel Romney has good intentions,” Pierre said, but “his flip-flopping attitude is not good.”  She said she has used federally-funded Pell grants to pay for much-needed textbooks, which she said Mitt Romney plans to cut. Those grants allow many students to be able to attend college, she said. Pierre, and her friend Nickelle Decius, 18, said they depend on Pell grants.

Both Pierre and Decius said they were eagerly awaiting to vote for President Barack Obama.

In the same line with a very different opinion was Scott Bauer, 50, who said he had a negative “gut feeling” about Obama in the 2008 election, and voted for Republican nominee John McCain.

Bauer said he was satisfied with how Obama handled his first term as President of the United States: “[Obama] handled everything well. He handled the issue with Osama beautifully … I am honored that he did that.”

But Bauer, a Miami native, said he still believed the country was better off with a new president. After four years in office, he said he does not trust Obama. So, Bauer voted for Mitt Romney.

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One response to “First-time voters ‘thrilled’”

  1. Alejandra Fonte says:

    I really enjoyed this article. It’s interesting that Bauer acknowledges Obama’s success in his presidency thus far, but is still voting for somebody else. It seems uncommon these days that opposing parties acknowledge the other’s success along with their losses. It’s nice to see some sincerity is still alive in even one of the more competitive and cut-throat elections. This article objectively but successfully portrayed Bauer’s views.