First timer looks to friends for support

Aryanah Eghbal

Social issues at top of agenda, Along with freedom to be yourself

The sound of a door swinging open broke the silence of the empty courtyard.

Two men walked out smiling, clearly happy to be in and out of the polling station in a matter of minutes. Robert Cassandro sat at a decorated ceramic table looking through his phone while he waited for classmates to join him. They would go out and vote together.

“I’ve heard horror stories about how people waited hours,” said Cassandro. “There’s no line now, this is great.”

Cassandro, 21, is a film major at the University of Miami, registered with no party affiliation. He was voting for the first time. Originally from New York, a Democratic leaning state, this year he registered in Florida. He said he was ready to make a difference.

“The big issues for me are social ones, because I believe in rights for all people,” said Cassandro. “I’m voting for the candidate that allows people to choose how to live their own lives.”

As a lone polling worker sat on a folding chair at the entrance, looking ready to doze off any second, the three young men walked in, laughing. Cassandro called them over. It was time to vote.

“I want to use my Constitutional right to vote,” said Cassandro as he stood up, a big smile across his face. “This is a huge milestone.”

Robert Cassandro waits for his friends at a voting precinct so they could go and vote together

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