Flies cross-country to campaign for brother

Guillermo and Tony Rodriguez at Wesley United Methodist Church Photo by Brittany Hickey

Democratic politics run In the family

Tony Rodriguez, 35, went to the polls dressed in his Election Day colors.  Sporting a navy blue T-shirt with white lettering,  he stood next to his blue and white signs handing out blue and white brochures. They all carried the same message: “José Javier Rodriguez for state Representative for District 112.”

As voters walked by, he approached them with a smile and handed them a brochure promoting his brother, the Democratic candidate.

“My brother, José Rodriguez, is running for state representative, ballot number 51,” Tony Rodriguez said cheerfully as the voters took the brochure and continued to make their way toward the back of the long line at Wesley United Methodist Church in Coral Gables.

Tony Rodriguez  had flown from Los Angeles to support his brother in Miami.  Their father, Guillermo Rodriguez, pitched in, too.  Tony Rodriguez had already cast his vote for President Barack Obama during the early voting in California.

He said his first time voting was in the 2000 election when George W. Bush and Al Gore were running for president.  “It wasn’t as heated as it is now,” he said. “I’m up for splitting up the country because it doesn’t work anymore. The elections are razor thin.”

Tony Rodriguez said that former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s stance was “way too conservative.” Romney, Tony Rodriguez said, was a  businessman and that, in his view,  businessmen acted like vultures.  “In a nutshell,” he said, “I’ve only heard Republicans say ‘My vote is sacred.’ It’s cowardly.”

“I think Obama will win,” he said. “I hope Obama will win.”

If that’s the way things work out, Tony Rodriguez said, he hoped that Obama would decrease the military budget and use the savings on education and other social needs.  He said he believed the country needed to be rescued from the economic recession. “I love America,” he said, “but we need to move forward, for the love of God.”

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