For small business owner it was personal

Voters at the Alpha and Omega Church Photo by Veronica Lopez

She knows what life's like In a communist country

Small businesses and the economy were  a hot topic in the 2012 presidential election. But for Dailin Barca it was personal.

“I think it’s probably the most important election in my lifetime,” said Barca, 40. A firm supporter of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, Barca said he had been actively campaigning for him since the beginning of election season. When she went out to vote at Alpha and Omega Church in South Miami, she stood in line for two and a half hours.

Barca said she was strongly opposed to President Barack Obama’s policies regarding small businesses, and said that Obama had divided the country, pitting the poor against the wealthy.  “We all have the same opportunities, but we need the rich to stimulate the economy because they’re the ones that create jobs,” Barca said, echoing one of Romney’s main campaign themes.

Barca said she owns Flagship Marine Group in Coconut Grove with her husband.  She said they depend on the wealthy to buy their products.

“I sell a luxury item,” she said. “That’s what I feed my family on.”

Barca said she is against abortion and had “no problem with gay marriage.” She said she admired Romney’s integrity and that he was some one she could trust – a family man, as she put it.   As for Romney’s stance on abortion and contraception,  she said there were more important issues.

Barca said she was born in Cuba, but had lived in the United States for 32 years.  For young people, she said, all of Obama’s ideas may have looked  “nice on paper.”

“But in reality,” she said, “they don’t work.”

“I know what living in a communist country is about,” Barca said.” I lived in a communist Cuba; I know how it starts; and I know how it ends.”

Dailin Barca    Photo by Veronica Perez


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