Gay student: ‘I just voted for Romney’

Nick Rodriguez in his pajamas. Photo by Karli Evans

Focus should be on economic recovery

Nick Rodriguez, 18, dislikes that people write off Romney for not supporting gay marriage.

“I am personally gay,” Rodriguez said, “and I just voted for Romney.”

Rodriguez, who showed up in his plaid pajamas at the BankUnited Center polling place in Coral Gables, said the electorate has bigger worries:  “Making sure the country doesn’t go bankrupt,” he said. “I’m willing to put aside personal rights for the betterment of the economy.”

Regardless of whether Romney wins the election, Rodriguez said he doesn’t think gay marriage will be constitutionally amended because he doubts it will receive enough congressional support.

“If I want that right to marry, I will just go to another state that allows it,” Rodriguez said.

A Tampa native, Rodriguez is a freshman at the University of Miami, where he is majoring in computer science and criminology. He said he was raised conservatively, but now identifies his beliefs as fiscally conservative and socially liberal.

Regarding the environment, Rodriguez said Obama catered more to environmentalists’ concerns, whereas the Republicans merely brushed the issue off. Rodriguez is opposed to Romney’s approach on this one. He said whether global warming is a real issue or not needs to be addressed. “If we ignore it, then realize in 50 years it’s actually a serious problem, it’s going to be too late,” he said.

Rodriguez said he was getting annoyed with all the Facebook posts about politics, but he’s glad so many people showed up to vote. “Some people are narrow-minded,” he said, “but they’re still doing what they should, and that gives me hope for our generation for the future.”


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2 responses to “Gay student: ‘I just voted for Romney’”

  1. Kevinvipers2010 says:

    This is an amazing story. I’m shocked to see that someone would actually put aside his or her personal rights, and focus on the economy and the state of the country. I thought that social issues were a big part of this election and it seemed more people were focusing on them rather than the economy.

  2. Y.Okeke2012 says:

    I absolutely loved this story! It was well-developed, well-written, and also very compelling. The fact that you chose as your lead how Rodriguez dislikes that people write off Romney for not supporting gay marriage was an interesting technique; because the follow-up to that could go either way in answering whether or not Rodriguez is gay himself. It was also interesting to see a gay student’s take on the election in favor of Romney, since we assume that most if not all of gay voters would vote in favor of Obama, a man who is in favor of marriage equality. It’s amazing how a social issue was not the determining factor for a student whom many would assume would vote based off of his belief in a social issue. Great story!