Graduate and undergrad worry about jobs

Campaign workers at the BankUnited CenterPhoto by Lucy Worrall

Seeking better outlook After college

John Cantalupo, 22, wasn’t planning  to vote in the 2012 Election.  However, when Hurricane Sandy ripped through his home state of New York he thought one way he could demonstrate his patriotism and sense of unity with his family and neighbors there would be by voting.

Dressed in red, white and blue shorts, Cantalupo arrived at the BankUnited Center precinct in Coral Gables thinking of his family in Long Island, surrounded by destruction.

“I wasn’t going to vote until I realized there were national guards in my back yard,” said Cantalupo, a Republican and a graduate student majoring in sports administration at the University of Miami.

“It kills me that I can’t be home to help clean up the damage,” said Cantalupo, who had signed up for a five kilometer run in New York during the  Thanksgiving break.  Donations in connection with the run were to go to affected families and the Red Cross, Cantalupo said.

Cantalupo, who majored in accounting as an undergraduate,  said he was concerned about the nation’s high unemployment rate, especially considering that he soon would be  looking for a job.

Cantalupo and Alexander Rodriguez, a University of Miami junior majoring in electrical engineering, were both voting for former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

The jobs issue also spurred Rodriguez, 21, to the polls. He said he had set his alarm for 4.30 a.m. to ensure that he wouldn’t have to wait in line.

Rodriguez said the thought of Obama winning scared him.  A lot of graduates would end up jobless coming out of college, he said.

As a Christian, Rodriguez said the abortion issue also spurred him to cast his vote for Romney. “It is not the baby’s fault,” he said.  “God meant for them to have a purpose.”


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