Her goal: Protecting Plannned Parenthood

Dominique Naughton at the Coco Plum Women's Club Photo by Nicole Webster

Didn't really care, when she was younger

Outside the elegant Coco Plum Women’s Club in Coral Gables, Fla., a long line of people stood around the courtyard waiting for an event they only get the opportunity to be a part of every four years: voting for an American President.

At age 25, Dominique Naughton was one of the youngest voters.  “It took me two buses, the Metrorail and two hours to get here from my boyfriend’s house,” she said. “But I came because I need Planned Parenthood. Romney’s a weirdo for wanting to get rid of it.”

Naughton, dressed in a blue, jersey knit maxi dress and holding a Diet Pepsi, grew up in Sarasota on Florida’s Gulf Coast.  She had come to the women’s club alone and was voting for the first time.

“I never voted when I was younger,” she said. “I didn’t really care. Now I am a believer that every vote counts.”

Naughton said the deciding factor for her  in 2012 was when she heard that Romney planned to cut off funding for Planned Parenthood.

“That was my main deciding factor,” she said. “But I am also planning to go back to school soon and I like Obama’s views on education too. Romney just seems like he’s fake and can’t keep his story straight.  I am more assertive than he is.”

Looking around at the well-kept grounds at the women’s club, the rich architecture of the building and the other voters, Naughton said she was not surprised that lots of people were voting.

“If I can make it here, then everyone else can too.”

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One response to “Her goal: Protecting Plannned Parenthood”

  1. Karli Evans says:

    The planned parenthood issue was a huge deciding factor for me – I hated that women’s issues weren’t more prominent in this election!