‘I really wanted to cast my vote’

Miami-Dade County Water and Sewer Department, Coconut Grove Photo by Brandon Lumish

A young voter And a four-decade veteran

Jane Kislack, 24, stood with one hand on her hip, staring deeply at the line of people waiting to vote. The wait, at one point, at the Miami-Dade County Water and Sewer plant in Coconut Grove was 30 minutes. And with a long day ahead of her, Kislack was perturbed.

“I don’t understand what takes people so long at the polling places,” she said. “I’m as quick as it gets. I know exactly who I am voting for.”

In the Presidential Elections in 2004 and 2008, the voting was close, especially in Florida. In 2004, the decision in Florida came down to a few hundred votes. Those experiences made many people in Florida really feel like their vote counted.

“Even though I have such a busy schedule, I really wanted to cast my vote in this highly contested presidential election,” Kislack said. “I want Obama to win.”

Jason Fishbein, 67, was in line several spots behind Kislack. Fishbein said he was a lifelong democrat who has voted in 10 presidential elections. Fishbein was wearing a University of Miami Obama shirt and a “Canes for Obama” pin.

“This race is going to be really close. I thought Obama had it easy. But Romney dominated the presidential debates,”  he said. “I’m really glad I see many democrats out here getting ready to vote.”

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2 responses to “‘I really wanted to cast my vote’”

  1. Chris Costello says:

    Overall, I think this is a well-written article. However, It seems to contain a lot of undeveloped ideas. I think the title is a relevant example of the problem I am talking about. When I see a “A Young Voter and a Four Decade Veteran,” as a title I assume there to be some sort of comparing and contrasting going on. I think you had a great Idea with the title as interviewing people from separate demographics adds a whole other dimension to your story, but in this case their age was pretty irrelevant. Also the beginning you focused on wait times and when you transitioned into Florida’s importance into the election It didn’t feel natural because of how ordinary a 30 minute wait is. There were people waiting hours in some spots so I would suggest perhaps starting with a different hook in the future as highlighting an ordinary experience takes away from the excitement of an article about such an extraordinary day.

  2. M Acuna says:

    This says so much in very few words. It is a strength and a weakness… You cover a lot of ground, but leave me hanging on some things I wanted to be more elaborated.