‘I want to support our troops 100 percent’

Voters line up to cast their vote at the South Miami American Legion.By Amanda Rosen

Antoinette Fischer, a self-proclaimed super voter, waited in her car for her husband to finish voting – a task they have come to view not only as a civic duty but as a patriotic expression.  Adjusting the beaded string of American flag pendants around her neck, Fischer described ending the wars in the Middle East as the foremost issue in the election.

“I’m very war-weary,” Fischer said.  “I believe that we can keep a strong military and have a strong defense without having to get involved in every war all over the world.”

Even more than the ailing economy and civil rights issues, two concerns Fischer has for the upcoming four years, the treatment of veterans is a matter of personal importance to her. “I come from a family of veterans,” she said.  “We are very patriotic people. And I want to support our troops with my vote 100 percent.”

As her husband walked past the rows of parked cars covered in candidate pos ters and through the parking lot where, earlier that morning, voting lines stretched down the street, Fischer, a life-long Miami-Dade County resident, said she was proud of having done her own political research.  More advertising money was spent on the 2012 presidential campaign than any other.  But Fischer said she was “not at all affected” by all the spending.

“I do my own homework,” Fischer said. “There are so many lies being told in the ads that I can’t let them affect me.”

Her unease about the future of civil rights was shared by other voters at South Miami’s American Legion polling place.  Crystal Tavares, a Dade County schoolteacher and University of Miami graduate, described her vote for Obama as a way to make sure that certain rights do not get neglected.  “From a social perspective,” Tavares said, “it is important to me that gay people are allowed to get married and Planned Parenthood continues to get funding.”

Tavares said she has confidence in the economy. But, like Fischer, she said she sees her vote as a way to ensure her values and beliefs are accounted for and that her friends and family are fairly represented.

After all the talk about the election turning on economic policy, issues of basic fairness and equality proved most important to these voters. “I’m concerned for our future,” Fischer said, echoing the now familiar campaign slogan of President Obama.  “I’m concerned about going forward and not backwards.”

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5 responses to “‘I want to support our troops 100 percent’”

  1. Veronica L. says:

    Your story is very well written, congratulations! I like how you transitioned from the Fischer’s to Crystal Tavares, it was very smooth. It’s great that people understand the importance of their votes, especially in this election, and that they’ve done their research and established a firm opinion in who they want to vote for and why. Job well done 😀

  2. guest says:

    I love this story, it’s so great to know that we have voters that have educated themselves and don’t believe all the adds and political lies that are out there. I also appreciate the fact that this article focuses on Antoinette Fischer’s main concern of the war but touches on her other concerns proving that Fischer has done her research and the reporter did a thorough interview.

  3. Biancacamila7 says:

    I really enjoyed reading this story! You did a great job focusing on what Fischer had to say about the election and had strong transitions between each of Fischer’s concerns and thoughts on the election. It’s hard to believe that this year’s campaigns cost approximately 6 billions dollars. Between today’s social media networking and a lot of the times, false advertising, it feels good to hear that people like Fischer have actually done research and support their voting decision with factual information and individual opinions on what political concerns were presented. I also like the way you set the mood of the story by adding in a short description of the surroundings of the poll place. Great job!

  4. Matt Ciabattari says:

    This story’s insight into the subjects is very in depth. The quotes you got added a lot of value to your piece and you’re story can stand the test of time.