In the shade of the American Legion hall

At the American Legion Hall in South MiamiBy Sunny Middleton

Rallying the family for Republican votes

Voting day was calm and quiet at the South Miami American Legion hall.  The old legion building  cast shadows that protected voters from the warm sun on a cloudless afternoon.  The voters said they had a common goal, to vote for the candidate with the people’s best interest at heart.

Expert voters like John and Sarah Stevens had voted at the legion hall three times earlier.  John Stevens said he voted because he thought it was the right thing to do. “Vote, as long as you feel its right,”   Stevens said.  “I’m voting for a smaller government.”  The Stevens showed their support by wearing Romney/Ryan pins on their shirts.  The young couple was set on rounding up more Romney supporters. “I called everyone in my family this morning to remind them to vote for Romney,” Sarah Stevens said.

A group of Obama supporters had set up a table with pamphlets and signs. The Obama supporters said they expected to be working for 12 hours.  “As a woman and a middle class American, I am voting for who has my best interest at heart,” said Carol Swingle, a 65-year-old Obama campaign worker.

Another woman at the Obama table, Lydie Oucherovitch, said:  “I think Obama will win but there are a lot of Romney supporters at the legion today.”

Many people headed back to work after voting.   Charlie Walker was serving as a poll worker. “It is so orderly and calm today,” he said.

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