Independent says she wants change

Deanna Fuller at Trinity Cathedral Photos by Orianna Cirigliano

Biggest concern - the economy

Dressed in black pants and a leather jacket, Deanna Fuller stood in line under a hot sun waiting to cast her ballot for former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. Although four years ago she voted for President Barack Obama, Fuller said Obama had done nothing to bring about the change he promised.

“Voting is our civic duty and I really want things to change,” said Fuller, an antique dealer who moved from San Francisco to South Florida 17 years ago. She began waiting in line at 6 a.m. at the Trinity Cathedral in Miami and finally got to vote around 9:15 a.m.

“This is the absolute first one since 1980s that I am voting Republican,” she said. Although she is registered as an Independent, “I usually vote Democrat,” she said.

Fuller said her biggest concern was the economy.  “I am very liberal when it comes to social issues but I think that the situation that we are in concerning economy far outweighs the rest,” she said.

She said some people are afraid of Republican beliefs.

“We are afraid of something that a president has absolutely no power to control,” Fuller said. “The supreme court and state government get involved in these decisions,” she said

Fuller said that to overcome the nation’s economic crisis and to build a bright future would mean creating lots of jobs and reducing the deficit. She said she was also concerned about being dependent on foreign fuels.  “I do believe in fuel independence,” she said. “I would definitely want to stop giving my money to Arabic nations and start giving it here at home.”



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