Investor takes stock in ‘sharing the wealth’

Voters at the BankUnited Center.By Li Shen Koay

He says he's pleased that wealthy would pay more

Charles Seitz, 57, a well-to-do private investor in Coral Gables, prepared to vote in his ninth presidential election by studying the policy platforms of both candidates.

Although some wealthy voters supported Mitt Romney’s economic plan, Seitz shared a different point of view.

He would  keep more of his money if Romney won, Seitz said, but  he was voting for Barack Obama.  “I’d be in better shape but I am still voting for Obama,” Seitz said.

Obama has said he plans to increase taxes on people who earn more than $250,000. In addition, Obama likes the “Buffett Rule” –  that anyone earning more than $1million should not pay  less in taxes than someone in the middle class.

“It’s fairer for me to do so,” Seitz said of the president’s tax proposal. “If I have more income, I should share a greater responsibility for the tax burden.”

Seitz said he believes that he is able to cope with the tax increase that Obama plans for his second term. Democracy, he said, is “the sharing of wealth.”

Andrea Lackey, 18 and a University of Miami freshman on the pre-medical school track, disagreed.

The sharing of wealth in Obama’s approach would have a negative impact in the healthcare world and would lead to a shortage of doctors, said Lackey, standing a few feet from Seitz at the BankUnited Center polling place.

Both of Lackey’s parents are family practitioners in Pennsylvania, she said.  “If medicine becomes a lot more socialized,” she said, “I am less likely to go to med school.”


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