Jamaican-American speaks of duty to vote

Campaign workers at the Bank United CenterPhoto by Devin Coredro

For this UM student, abortion a key issue

To one Jamaican-American student, voting is not just a matter of when to do it, but to always do it.

“My family and I are immigrants and we believe that, since they allowed us citizenship, it is our civic duty to vote,” said Moya Bailey, 21, as she stood outside the BankUnited Center bundled up in her orange University of Miami sweatshirt, waiting patiently as she inched her way up to the voting booth.

“Florida is a swing state.  And we’re known to have problems at the polls so I wanted to make sure I got here early just in case,” said Bailey, who acknowledged she is not a morning person.

As she voiced her opinion about the importance of getting to the precinct early, other students in line agreed.

“I just want to make sure that my vote is counted,” said Bailey.

Bailey said she knows that there are many people in America that cannot vote and feels that since she is able to, she needs to exercise her right.

She cited the unemployment rate and expressed concern about the direction this country could go, depending on who wins the election.

She also said the abortion issue was a deciding factor for her.

“As a young woman, I think that what the government decides to do about abortion is really important to my personal life.  And that’s why I’m voting for [President Barack] Obama.”

Not only is she voting for Obama, but she also said she is confident he will be re-elected.

“I think with Twitter and all that, more young people are going to vote and that is more helpful to Obama than [Mitt] Romney,” Bailey said.

“I wanted to vote last time, but I was 17 back then, so I’m really excited that I can finally vote this time,” Bailey said.

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One response to “Jamaican-American speaks of duty to vote”

  1. Ilap91 says:

    I found it really interesting that you looked at a specific group of people who are voting. I liked the way it was written. it flows it really well.