Long-time Republican shifts to Democrats

Bill Arias at Wesley United Methodist Church Photo by: Brittany Hickey

Says helping hand Needed by some

Bill Arias, 60, calmly stood next to his wife clasping his hands behind his back. He comfortably mingled among others as the voting line slowly inched toward the polling station at the Wesley United Methodist Church in Coral Gables.

Arias, an American citizen, grew up in Buenos Aires. There, he said,  his politics were similar to those of Republicans in the United States. He moved to Miami just in time for the 1980 election between former California Gov. Ronald Reagan and Georgia peanut farmer Jimmy Carter.

“I voted for Reagan as a Republican, like I would have in Argentina,” Arias said. “It was more about family and joining a church because of believing in what the church says. Things were different.” Decades later, Arias said, “I want Obama to win.”

The state of the U.S. economy is a pivotal issue in the campaign.

“I am currently a registered Republican,” Arias said. “I base myself now on this principle: the redistribution of wealth.” He said he believes that “if you are a Republican, you are on your own. Democratic, hey, we will help you!”

“Some people don’t like it and some people do not argue, and I am all for that. I just think that people need help and cannot make it all on their own,” Arias said.



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