Born in Peru and in love with Obama

Obama: 'He worked hard for what he had'

Mercedes Barrenechea, 59, of Cutler Bay, Florida was a Democratic campaign worker. As the clock struck three on Election Day 2012, she stood in a parking lot behind the Palmetto Presbyterian Church clad in Vote for Obama gear.  Barrennechea came to the United States from Peru in 1986 when Ronald Reagan was President. Twenty-six years later  she was working as a Democratic campaigner in South Miami as an American citizen participating in her second Presidential Election.

In 2008 and 2012, President Obama was her man. The first time, she said, “I voted for him because he seemed like he worked hard for what he had.” Four years later, she said, “I volunteered because I wanted to show how much I love Obama.”

Love  was not what Melanie Barfield felt for Obama. Barfield, a 51-year-old mother of two-year-old twins, said Obama scared here. She is an out of work film production crew member having worked on television shows like Dexter and CSI Miami.

“I’ve never been so nervous in my life for an election,” she said. Barfield feared her children might not have a home if Obama were elected.

Barfield chose to vote for Romney. “Without the tax incentives promised by the Republican Party,” she said, “the film industry won’t feel the need to bring films to Miami. I won’t find work, and my husband and I might not be able to afford our home in four years.”

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One response to “Born in Peru and in love with Obama”

  1. Orianna Cirigliano says:

    I really like this article because instead of focusing on one person’s opinion the author decided to interview two completely different persons. Each gave a completely diverse view on the subject. In theory if we contrast different opinions and select people randomly it would create a small sample from a large population. That small sample would be representation part of the entire population. In my opinion interviewing two persons is a really good technique because it gives life to the article and at the same time allows us to have a clearer perception of what is going on in the country.