Need for a different type of leadership

Photos by Monica Herndon

A need to create jobs, fire up the economy

Ignacio Bernal, a 38 year old Cuban-American business owner, stood at the tail of a long line to vote at the Kendall Library just south of Miami. He would be in the line for about four hours. Bernal talked about how he could tolerate the long wait.

“We need a different type of leadership in this country,” he said. “We need to create jobs and get this economy on track.”

Cynthia Llorella, a 30-year-old Miamian, shared his sentiments. “Change, better values and a stronger economic plan are why Mitt Romney will be getting my vote,” she said.

No matter how long or short the wait, voters seemed excited to have their voices heard. The 2012 election was close and many people said that factor drew them to the polls.

Stephanie Rivero, 18, said she was excitied about voting for the first time.  “Obama supports gay marriage, so I look forward to voting for him,” she said. “Romney seems fake, and I don’t think he will make our country better.”

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2 responses to “Need for a different type of leadership”

  1. R Pursell says:

    You had some wonderful quotes here that really told the story for you, great job reporting!

  2. CC says:

    Nice way to include comments from both Obama and Romney supporters to not come off as biased.