New father hopes for more robust economy

Former Maine musician Likes swing state rhythm

Pushing a stroller holding his eight-week-old baby boy, University of Miami Professor Daniel Strange, 29, waited for hours in picture-perfect, 82-degree-weather outside the Unitarian Universalist Congregation in South Miami. He rocked the stroller while his wife and a friend stood nearby, shielding themselves from the sun with an umbrella.

Strange said that because of his new son hie main concern was the future.  He said improvements in the economy and job creation for the next four years were vital. He wants to set up a college fund for his son right away, he said. Voting as a parent, he explained, gave him a different perspective.

What would Strange say to the president-elect if he could speak to him tomorrow? “I would congratulate him, first of all,” he said. “Then I would urge him to listen to the ideas of others, not just to his cabinet and Congress.”

A former resident of Maine, Strange teaches at the Frost School of Music and registered to vote in Florida in 2009. He joked that it was far less pleasant in Maine to wait in line to vote than in South Florida. His first Florida vote was in the 2010 United States Senate election.

Strange declined to say for whom he voted Nov. 6 but expressed hope that his vote would make a difference in a swing state like Florida.

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2 responses to “New father hopes for more robust economy”

  1. R Pursell says:

    Interesting that you chose to write this article as more of a character study. Good piece.

  2. M Acuna says:

    I could literally see this person’s energy, very descriptive and well written.