Obamacare gains nurse’s vote

Middle-class woman offended by Romney

Ashley McGuire, a 24-year-old nurse at Jackson Memorial Hospital, said she came to vote at BankUnited Center to support the President’s Affordable Care Act, which she very affectionately called Obamacare. McGuire said she appreciates Obama’s personal approach.

“As someone in the medical field, I support Obama’s choice and respect for women’s rights and safe and legal abortions.”  But her main reason for choosing Obama is the Affordable Care Act.

“With a goal to decrease the number of uninsured Americans and make healthcare affordable for everyone, anyone can get what they need,” she said, “But really, I don’t think it’s a good idea to elect Romney when he goes back and forth all the time. How can anyone know what he actually stands for?”

First-time voter Christian Smith, 19, said no single issue was more important than another one during the election. Smith said although he heard both candidates speak on campus this year, that didn’t impact his decision. Smith, a North Carolina native, chose to register in Florida.

“Florida is the swing state with the most electoral votes,” he said. “My vote counts more here.”

Although the majority of voters who showed up at the BankUnited Center were students like Smith, those who live in nearby Coral Gables also stood in line in the balmy 82-degree weather. Maria Gonzales, a 42-year-old Coconut Grove boutique owner, identified herself as an “average, middle-class woman.” Gonzales said she feels passionately about voting for a President who supports small business owners.

“I wasn’t as educated about the issues and election in 2008, but this campaign has impressed me in regard to Obama’s grassroots campaigning efforts,” she said, “I was offended when Romney wrote me off in the 47 percent.”

Her view was not shared by all voters in line. Scott Creswell, 34,  a self-described blue-collar worker, said he was on board with Romney’s message of change.

“I think we need a fresh face in the White House to come rescue the failing economy,” he said.

Creswell believes Romney’s big business experience will bring positive change to the nation, and that America needs a President “who will treat the government like the corporation it really is.”

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