Parents influence their childrens’ voting

James and Mona Holmes Photo by Cat Schulz

Right choice important For future generations

Even though she said she did not want to be there, Julia Cuny joined the voting line at First United Methodist Church of South Miami – just to please her father.

“My dad made me vote,” said Cuny, a University of Miami sophomore majoring in accounting. Dressed in jeans and a tank top, Cuny, 19, stood next to her stuffed book bag, which she picked up and moved with her as the line crawled up to crowded church.

In line for only 10 minutes, Cuny was ready to leave, but said she would stay as long as it took to cast her vote for Mitt Romney.

Pretty much everybody she knew was voting for Romney, said Cuny, a first-time voter. Her parents, who were staunch Republicans, influenced her vote, she said. But mainly she is voting for Romney because “He’s not Obama.”

Cuny’s remarks caught the attention of Mona and James Holmes, who were standing directly behind her in the 2 ½-hour voting line.

“I want Obama to win,” said Mona Holmes, who voted for Obama in 2008. She and her husband, who live in a senior citizen building in South Miami, are strong supporters of Obama and are pushing their children to vote for Obama. They said they understand the importance of winning not only for their generation but for future generations.

“I thought we would never have a black president,” said Mona Holmes, 60. She and James Holmes, 66, said they encouraged  their three adult grandchildren to vote for Obama as well.

Mona Holmes said it would mean a lot for the first black president to be re-elected.  “It’s been a long four years,” said Holmes. “In another four years, it will be better.”



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