Political science major becomes a partisan

BankUnited Center Photo by Alex Pappas

He tries to rally others For Obama victory

Jordan Lewis went to the voting place at the BankUnited Center on the University of Miami campus in Coral Gables wearing a green T-shirt proclaiming himself a University of Miami Hurricane – or ‘Cane –  and a supporter of President Barack Obama.  On his T-shirt were the words, “Canes for Obama.” He also wore a big red, white and blue Obama campaign button.

Lewis, who is 20 and a junior majoring in political science, went to the BankUnited Center not only to vote but to campaign. He chatted up people waiting to vote before he got in line himself.  And he kept working at the polling place for most of the day.

Lewis,  the president of the University of Miami’s Young and College Democrats Club, said he was not sure he  had changed anyone’s mind. But he said he wanted his passion for the president to be clear. “The Republican Party put us in trouble,” Lewis said. “Romney would move us back while Obama will move us forward; and he will win this election.”

Lewis agreed across the board with the liberal side of social issues.  On the economy, he said the Republican Party offered fast ideas that benefited those with money.

Lewis said he attended three Obama speeches at the university before election day.  He spoke in favor of U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, D- Florida, who  was running for reelection.   Lewis said he voted for Nelson to keep Democrats in majority control in the Senate. #



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