President kept promises, voter says

Women's, gay issues affects voter's support

It was about 2:30 p.m. when Karen Kaplan had joined the line of about 60 others to cast her vote. Just in case of long lines, Kaplan brought reading glasses and newspaper clippings to help pass the time before filling out her ballot.

“I vote every single election,” she said. “I was not going to miss this one.”

Kaplan, 61, believed President Barack Obama kept his promise of rebuilding the country. She said she is casting her vote in hopes of giving him four more years to keep improving the nation.

“The position of president is one of the greatest leaders in the world and has a great impact on our country,” Kaplan said.

After receiving her undergraduate degree in bilingual education from Florida International University, Kaplan went on to teach for Miami-Dade Public Schools.  The Miami native waited just more than 30 minutes to enter the Kings Creek Village Recreation Center in Pinecrest, a small upper-middle class community in South Florida.

“The line is moving quickly, but the turnout today has been great,” Kaplan said.

Kaplan is single without children. She said that  she encouraged her extended family and friends to vote.

“It’ll be interesting to see who wins,” Kaplan said. “It will be very close.”

Bill Sanek stood a few feet away. He was grateful that he had submitted an absentee ballot. Sanek, 67, had not missed an election since 1974, but had never seen lines as long as the ones he saw in Miami this election day. He was there to be supportive.

“My daughter and I submitted our ballots absentee, but my wife wanted to vote in person at the polls today,” he said.

As a father and husband, protecting the rights of women and minorities pushed him to favor of President Obama, he said.  The government should not have control over a woman’s body nor prohibit gay couples from being married, he said.

“I pay taxes and I am a citizen of this country. The person elected has a huge impact on my life and I want my voice to be heard. That is why I will not miss an election,” Sanek said.

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3 responses to “President kept promises, voter says”

  1. Mstavares says:

    Good job I’m so proud of you – Auntie Marie

  2. Molly says:

    I like how this focuses on people over the age of 60 and their views on the election.

  3. CC says:

    Nice. I think Kaplan’s comments encapsulates the opinion of many Obama supporters.