Seeing the economy from two perspectives

Eugenio R. Silva at the BankUnited Center.Photo by Lei Yang

Concluding that both Promise a rainbow

Eugenio R. Silva, 50, stood with his wife in the shade at BankUnited Center in Coral Gables. The couple had been waiting for nearly two hours. But they were not going to leave until they had cast their vote for Mitt Romney, Silva said.

The couple, both Republicans, said they liked Romney’s economic policy as well as his conservative and pro-life policies.

Silva said he was most concerned about healthcare but feared that the national debate had not provided a clear direction on what to expect in the future.  “It is just a matter of time for both parties to eliminate the healthcare eventually,” he said.

Silva also spoke about the environment. “We are facing a big economic situation now, and since everyone has their shelter, food and basic needs, it seems people care less about the environment,” he said.

Zigan K. Danklou, 25, already had voted  but was keeping friends company in the line. Danklou said the president’s economic policies need to be continued:  “Obama prevented the country from going into a depression, and we are seeing the recovery in the job and housing market under his government slowly and steadily.”

Romney’s approach, he said, would not reverse the country’s economic downturn. “Even though Romney is a businessman, he has the same policy that Bush had, which led us into the recession,” Danklou said. “We don’t want to go back to the same policy.”

Danklou said he had another reason for voting for Obama. “I am a black, and I think it is very progressive for America to have a black president, so I want to support it,” he said.


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One response to “Seeing the economy from two perspectives”

  1. Halina says:

    I think it’s nice to hear that people are still concerned with the environment even when it seems overshadowed by issues like the economy. I think that Silva makes a nice observation that because the problems with the environment don’t seem as immediate or obvious, we tend to cast them aside. However, although I agree that economic policy is very important, I think that addressing environmental issues must be done as soon as possible, as they may be more difficult to reverse or solve in the future.