She blames nation’s woes on Congress

Ponce de Leon Middle School. Photo by Yvonne Okeke

Retired teacher wants End to phone calls

Louise Gramling, 67, stepped out of the dimly lit auditorium onto the quiet, empty courtyard at the Ponce de Leon Middle School. She had just voted for Barack Obama.

“Barack Obama is the man for the job,” said Gramling, a retired teacher.

The current issues  for the nation are “congress’s fault and not Obama’s,” she said, adding that Obama would be more effective than his opponent, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, in working with congress.

“Obama can do that, not Romney. I’d be afraid if Romney won.”

Romney’s proposed policies, Gramling said, “would be counter-productive to the health of the middle class.”

“Romney and his running mate, U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, have a lot of foreign interests,” she said, “which leaves me unsettled.”

“The importance of the election,” Gramling said,  is what brought her out to vote. She said she had been voting since she became eligible at 21.

Of all her Election Day experiences, she said the 2012 election was the least burdensome. “A piece of cake,” she said.

“I was in and out in 15 minutes,” she said. “But that doesn’t include all the hours I put into research.”

Gramling said she became upset when she encountered a woman who had not studied the ballot before going to the polling place.  “I listened to the debates and read and read and read,” she said.

Americans can’t afford to vote for things they don’t understand, Gramling added. “Decisions are being made by the few for the many.”

A mother of two daughters, Gramling said she was saddened by the division she felt the election in 2012 had created among Americans. “I pray this country can heal,” she said.

Once she had voted,  Gramling said she was looking forward to post election. It’s time, she said, “for all the phone calls to stop.”

“I  can mute the TV,” she said, “but I can’t stop the phone calls.”




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