She wants strong social programs

Worries that homeless Are off national radar

Jameena Grimes, 35, volunteered at the Miami Southridge Senior High School voting precinct to help promote Barack Obama and other Democratic candidates.  Her job was to pass out fliers and “cheat sheets” to Democrats standing in line.

A proud Democrat, Grimes previously had volunteered before.  Her supervisor, she said, called her back to help out again because of Grimes’ enthusiasm.  Grimes said making her decision to vote for Obama was easy and she made it clear that race was not a factor.

“This election is not a black or white issue,” Grimes said. “This election is about going forward. I would have voted for Obama even if he was purple.”

Grimes, who was a kitchen worker at the Miami Convention Center, recently was approved for Social Security benefits because of a disability, which prevents her from doing her usual work.  Getting approved was important, she said, so that she could continue to help support her family.

Grimes, a single parent, lives in South Dade with her mother, children and one grandchild.  Issues that concern Grimes are Social Security, women’s rights and Planned Parenthood.  She wants them to remain viable.   She said she would also like to see the issue of homelessness being better addressed.

“Nobody is talking about it,” she said. Many more people have become homeless in the past five years; people who have lived in homes their whole lives. She said she once had to save her mother from being homeless in a public park.  “I don’t want to experience what my parents experienced,” she said.





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