She’s in voting line, but still undecided

Leslie Lopez at St. Augustine Catholic ChurchPhotos by Galie Darwich

She's taking her time to review parties, candidates

Leslie Lopez,  a 24-year old student at the University of Miami, stood in line at St. Augustine Catholic Church across the street from the University of Miami in Coral Gables,  unsure of whom she would support.

“I come from Cuba, a country where I do not have the opportunity of choosing my president,” she said. “It is my first time voting and I am very excited about it.”

Still, she said she did not think she would make up her mind until the ballot was in  front of her. She said it had taken some time to familiarize herself with the political parties and presidential candidates in the United States. Lopez, who  said she was registered as an Independent, would not say which candidate she favored.

“If you have the opportunity to vote, vote,” she said. “Maybe in the future this right might be taken way.”

Carlos Berrios, 70, a Peruvian architect, was waiting in line a few spots ahead of Lopez at the church.  He said he had participated in every election since he moved to the United States from Trujillo, Peru, 52 years earlier.

Carlos Berrios                    Photo by Galie Darwich

A Democrat, Berrios said the 2012 election was important because of the big differences between the two candidates on issues such as economics,  international relations and health insurance.  Berrios said Obama was the presidential candidate who best represented his ideals. He highlighted Obamacare as a great healthcare plan because, he said, it favors the low- and middle-income classes.

However, Berrios had a more profound reason for voting for Obama.  “I want citizens to remember that it is very important to vote, especially for immigrants,” Berrios said. “It is time to make our presence known.”

He said Hispanics had an important role to fulfill.  “We are the biggest minority in this country,” he said, “and we should fight for our interests by voting.”




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