Short wait surprises Coral Gables voter

Ponce de Leon Middle SchoolPhoto by Jalen Eutsey

On the environment: 'A little drilling won't hurt'


Outfitted in athletic wear Patricia Epstein, 39, strolled out of the polling place and prepared to head back to work.

As a stay-at-home mom who also helps her husband operate their small business, Epstein said she has many roles and responsibilities. On Election Day, her primary responsibility was to vote.

A volunteer idly passing out pamphlets and a half unoccupied auditorium greeted voters at Ponce de Leon Middle School in Coral Gables.

The lack of long lines pleased Epstein.

“I was surprised, it was fantastic and efficient,” she said of her experiences to vote at the middle school. “Our forefathers died for this; I was glad to do it,” she said.

Epstein said the presidential race is close because it is important.

“I believe this race is going to determine which way our country is going to turn,” Epstein said.

“Mitt Romney is the candidate best equipped to lead our country in a positive direction,” she said.

Epstein, originally from New Jersey, and her husband, originally from Connecticut, have owned and operated their electronic software business for 10 years.

“Mitt Romney is going to help small businesses,” she said.

Environmental issues did not play a crucial role in her decision for the presidency, she said.

“I’ve been to Alaska. It’s massive, it’s huge; a little drilling won’t hurt,” Epstein said.

Epstein, a registered Democrat, does not believe in allocating additional money to fund abortion.

“There already are services like Planned Parenthood that provide for that,” she said.



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