Students camp out for first vote

Photo by Devin Coredro

Students cite women's rights, college loans

Sophomore Efrem Silverman decided to make his first voting experience a memorable one.  Late the night before Election Day, Silverman and three of his friends walked over to the Bank United Center in Coral Gables carrying blankets in their arms and tents on their backs.  They were going to camp out the night before the polls opened.

“It was awesome,” Silverman, 19, said. “Just the whole experience of camping and being one of the first people to vote” at the Bank United Center “is something I will never forget.”

Silverman, an anthropology major, said he thought of the idea while watching the Monday Night Football game between the New Orleans Saints and Philadelphia Eagles.

“I was like, how much fun could this be. For my first election, I would camp outside.”

Another student, senior Janna Tsimprea, a journalism and political science double major, didn’t care about how long she waited “because I wanted to have my voice heard and support President Obama.”

Tsimprea, 21, said that she is from Massachusetts, but wanted to vote in a swing state because she felt that she would have more of an impact. Florida is a swing state.  “I feel that because the race in Florida is always so close, I had a bigger voice down here than back home,” she said.

Tsimprea said that her main concerns in this election are women’s rights, such as abortion and equal pay.  She added that she is also concerned with college loans.

Senior Pierre-Richard Gautier, 21, known on campus as “Ricky,” shared Tsimprea’s concerns about college loans.  “My main concern is financial aid support and how the next president will help students,” Gautier said.

Although the majority of people voting at the Bank United Center were students,  many others came out to vote.  Ricardo Gutierrez, a banker with Merrill Lynch, said he felt  that all people should vote, no matter what age.  “It is an obligation for citizens to vote,” Gutierrez, 42, said. “Everyone should care about our country’s issues like the deficit and the economy.  They affect everyone.”


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One response to “Students camp out for first vote”

  1. Nsd1993 says:

    Nice job with the Efrem part; good research on them camping outside the BUC before election day…also good job finding out the girl from Massachusetts wanted to vote in a swing state!