Switching parties and feeling mighty fine

Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department in Coconut Grove Photo by Amber Couzo

Hoping the outcome favors the nation

They stood in a short, slow-moving line and relief showed on their faces as they walked out of the polling place at the Miami-Dade Sewer Department in Coconut Grove. One woman had a big smile on her face.

Lidia Gonzalez, a 38-year-old high school teacher,  was more than pleased with her decision.

“This is a very big election,” she said. “One of the biggest I’ve ever experienced, and I hope the outcome favors the nation.”

Gonzalez said she has been a registered Republican in Miami for 20 years. In the 2012 election, she said, her perspective was different. She voted for the Democrat, President Barack Obama, she said, because she felt he would do the most on the  issues that are most important to her.

“Education is a very important matter to me,” she said. “As an educator, I believe President Obama will steer the nation in the right path and will help to preserve public education as well as help our nation’s children pursue higher education.”

“I usually do not side with Democrats,” she said, “but I know that my vote could help our nation have a brighter future.  I’ve never been so enthralled with politics.  This campaign has shown the good, the bad and the ugly of our country.”

With an “I Just Voted” sticker stuck to her T-shirt, Gonzalez walked to her car,  happy, she said,  to be out of that line and relieved to have helped decide the fate of the free world.

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One response to “Switching parties and feeling mighty fine”

  1. Coralie Uha says:

    Great story ! It’s really interesting to see how an issue such as education can change people’s mind. Loved how you ended your article.