Supreme Court, gay issues concern lawyer

Margot Guillois

Lewis Samuel is hoping his candidate Addresses issues close to his heart

Lewis Samuel is checking his phone.

He’s standing in line at the St Augustine Catholic Church in Coral Gables. The other voters are quiet, many of them also glancing at their phones or tablets. A breeze kept the air cool. Samuel, 45, is an attorney. He is wearing glasses, black pants and a blue and white shirt.

He’s here to fill his “civic duty,”  he said. “Too many people have died defending that right to waste it.”

He’s been voting regularly over the years, he said. This time, though, Lewis said he has a specific concern he wants to address with his vote.

“The big issue for me is the court,” he said, referring to the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, where Lewis said  he believes that up to three justices may be appointed by the new president.

“And I don’t want somebody who thinks religion should not be separated from anything to make that decision,” he said.

He explained that the Supreme Court is the third branch of government and plays an important role in American life.  Lewis said he doesn’t think many of his fellow Americans know that.

“It’s there to balance, protect fairness,” he said , quietly making his case as he moved up the line. “The court is the last bastion where minority can have a voice.”

The way the candidates handle LGBT issue also will play a role in his decision, he said.

“If someone pass a law that forbids blond woman to access high responsibility position, the court will be there to tell that it is fundamentally unfair and wrong,” he said.“We can’t have discriminatory law.”

Samuel is a registered Republican but he said he plans to vote for President Barack Obama.

“This year I’m gonna vote my conscience, what I believe is right,” he said. “There is issue that are more important than party issues”.

He’s also looking forward to the end of the campaign.

“I’m tired of the ads on TV, and to be honest I found it quite obscene the amount of money the candidates spend promoting themselves,” he said. “They run for a seat, the salary is only a fraction of it, so it’s really obscene.”

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One response to “Supreme Court, gay issues concern lawyer”

  1. Alexa Pappas says:

    This is an interested opinion given because it is a very lesser-known concern. Most people concern themselves with the economic or social issues, but the separation of church and state and the power of the Supreme Court should absolutely be addressed more often.