Precinct 807 proved to be an exception

Early voting apparently helped reduce the line

One Palmetto Bay precinct proved to be the exception to frequent reports of long lines like polling places elsewhere.  With a short and continuously diminishing line, voters in Precinct 807 made early appearances at their polling place and avoided Election Day voting delays.

At Howard Drive Elementary School, Palmetto Bay residents, like Florida International University biology professor Joel Trexler, knew to arrive early to cast their ballot. Trexler was the eighth person to vote in the precinct.

The line never reached the 100-foot mark, where partisan and nonpartisan supporters gathered to approach voters. The size and wait time did not grow for the next three hours.

“I expected more voters to come out for this general election,” said Tor Lumpkins, one of the Miami-Dade poll workers, standing alone next to the designated voting area sign.

Party supporters settled for making conversation with other advocates who were in similar predicaments. They brought up local issues as keeping the Sony Ericsson Open in Miami.

“Early voting showed to be a good initiative,” said Karen Bodenhamer, a member of the teachers’ union.

Half an hour later, the line was still unnoticeable from the outside of the school building. Some of those inside felt they had the time to go back to their cars to retrieve forgotten sample ballots.

“The man next to me asked Siri on his iPhone who would be running on the sample ballot to let the time pass,” said Susana Diago, a technology coordinator at Epiphany Catholic School.

The long wait to vote that so many had feared was nowhere to be found.

With a short wait time, those in line had little time to express their voting opinion, whether they referred to “the state of the economy” or “the president that will lead us for the next four years.”

“The line is still young,” said Lumpkins, who noted that only a few voters that passed by him were genuinely eager.

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One response to “Precinct 807 proved to be an exception”

  1. Matt Ciabattari says:

    The lines are not going to matter a month from now, so the focus of your story should have been else where. The structure of the story was good for a spot story, but was not a vignette.