Voting – an important part of being a citizen

Bill Weickle at the Ponce de Leon Middle School Photo by Coralie Uha

'Freedom is priceless,' says biology teacher

Bill Weickle went to the Ponce de Leon Middle School expecting to face long lines and hours of waiting.  But the wait was not so bad.  “Voting was surprisingly easy,” he said as he left the voting place at the middle school. “It turned out to be painless and without any discomfort.”

Weickle, a high school biology teacher, said he considered voting an important part of being a U.S. citizen, especially in a presidential election. “I’m exercising my franchise as a citizen,” Weickle said. “We’re choosing a new president, a new direction for the country; this is crucial.”

“I grew up in Miami with kids that had been kicked out of Cuba by Fidel Castro,” he said. He said that made him realize early what democracy meant and how lucky he was to have grown up in a democratic country. “Freedom is priceless,” he said.

Weickle said he had visited more than 20 different countries in Asia, South America and the Middle East. And he said the travel deepened his interest in U.S. foreign policy.  “I don’t have any problem with the idea of America spreading democracy in the world,” he said. “But I do have a problem with violence. We should maintain our primacy, but not at any price.”

Weickle said he voted for former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.  “Anyone who can be a candidate has earned their place as a president,” he said. “I care about the local environment, the weather, my health. I hope Romney will be good on these topics.”

As a true democracy lover, Weickle was pragmatic about the results of the election.  “Whoever wins will be my president for four years.” he said. “Whatever happens, I think our nation will survive.”


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