‘Voting for the foundation of our future’

Lauren Cover, first-time voterPhoto by Jamie Servidio

Economy to shape election results

Standing in line at the BankUnited Center with a friend, Lauren Cover, 19, looked enthusiastic about Election Day while sporting a “Barrack Yo Body” t-shirt.

The 2012 presidential election is Cover’s first time voting; however, she does not plan to vote today.

Originally a resident from Baltimore, Cover attended the University of Miami as an undecided communication major  her freshman year. She said she cast her ballot weeks ago as an absentee in the state of Maryland.

“I almost wish I registered in Florida because it is a bigger swing state,” Cover said.

Adamant about exercising her civic duty, she said she feels it is important that young people get involved in politics.

“We are voting for the foundation of our future,” she said.

Cover got involved in politics about two years ago when she began watching “The Colbert Report” and “The Daily Show,” two political satire television shows. She revealed herself as a member of the Young and College Democrats at UM. She feels the biggest issues are women’s health and the economy.

“It is important to focus on a candidate that will support the middle class,” Cover said. “I think that Obama has the better plan to create a stronger middle class.”

With the middle class a prominent topic of discussion between both presidential candidates, Cover said she believed that overall, Romney’s plans are superficial.

“It seems that he doesn’t have a concrete plan and he only says what he thinks people want him to say,” she said making a point of the former governor’s flip-flopping throughout the campaign.

On the environment, Cover said that moving towards more conservative technology was merely touched upon by both candidates; yet, neither has made a clear stance on the environmental issues.

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2 responses to “‘Voting for the foundation of our future’”

  1. A Costa2 says:

    This story was an enjoyable read. It seems that many college students, especially women, are avid supporters of President Barrack Obama because of his care for women’s rights and the well being of the middle class. This is a great snapshot of a student’s views and how she experienced voting.

  2. Rebecca Cohen says:

    This is such a great story! It really allows the reader to get a feel of what the voting was like this election and how this person really felt. I loved that you detailed her t-shirt: It gives me a feel of who this woman really is who were interviewing. You have excellent quotes in here and cover a lot of political ground for both candidates. Your details on her view on environmental issues are refreshing, as this issue was not really addressed by either candidate in the 2012 election.