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Bet Shira CongregationPhoto by Benjamin Birns

She says Obamacare Ruins retirees' savings

Wearing an “I Voted Today” sticker on her shirt,  Diane Stewart, 71,  sat on a bench outside the Bet Shira Congregation polling station in Miami waiting for her husband and daughter to finish voting.  No one was more proud to have voted than Stewart.

“I’m voting because of the freedom of choice,” Stewart said.  Having lived in six countries because of her husband’s work as a doctor, Stewart  said she had never missed an election in the United States.  She said she had lived in Taiwan, Colombia, Korea, Japan, Canada and Mexico and she said that made her realize “how good we’ve got it in the United States,” and what a privilege it is to vote.

Stewart said she had never registered with a particular political party.  In 2012, she said, she decided that Gov. Mitt Romney was the best choice. “If people have any aspirations for a financial future,” she said, “then they better vote for Romney.”

“The national debt is horrifying,” Stewart said.

“I would like an inheritance to pass on to our children,” Stewart said. She said she fears that all the money her husband has worked for won’t be passed on to her children.  “With my husband being a retired doctor, you think we’d” have savings, she said. But, she said, “Obamacare is ruining that.”

Stewart said she had  seen what it was like in other countries.  “I’m proud to be an American,” she said.





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