Deficit worries young Republican

Students in line at the Bank United Center Photo by Hannah Meister

Passion for politics, despite family views

Just in case there were any unsure voters, the University of Miami’s College Republicans made sure they were available at the BankUnited Center polling center in hopes of catching a few more Romney supporters.  

With her passion for politics, the club’s second vice chair, Victoria Reyna, 18, said she listens to, but remains uninfluenced, by her family’s opposing views.

“It gives me both perspectives, and it lets me analyze and make an informed decision for myself,” said Reyna.

Although this was her first election, Reyna has followed politics since 2008.

“I was optimistic toward Obama in the last election, but he hasn’t lived up to the promises he made,” she said. “I believe it is time for a change.”

Reyna is most concerned about where the economy is headed.  

“As best as the president tried, things just didn’t work,” she said. “He blew spending out of control, and the deficit should not be that high.”

“I don’t believe that the economy is growing at the pace it should, and we need a leader that can get us back on track,” added fellow College Republican David Beltran, 18.

“I hope Romney’s able to pull it off. But if not, in American politics we can come together and support whoever wins,” said Reyna. “It is a true testament to the American spirit.”

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3 responses to “Deficit worries young Republican”

  1. Lucy Worrall says:

    This is a great article, i like how you have included a lot of quotes that enable me to see her political opinion. It is also interesting how Victoria doesn’t have the same views as her parents especially as she is only 18 and this would be her first time voting.

  2. Shai Savariau says:

    The person you interviewed it very interesting because it’s very common for individuals to follow their parent’s beliefs when it comes to politics. You got a lot of great quotes! It added a lot more perspective to the article.

  3. Sjani292 says:

    I think my favorite part about this profile is Victoria’s last quote. The fact that she is willing to look past party lines and realize that in the end it’s about making our country better is truly inspiring. I completely agree with this sentiment. I agree with Shai that the quotes really give us a glimpse at Victoria’s stance. I also like that you incorporated another student’s quote because it complements what Victoria is saying.